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Your traveling guru and virtual assistant for traveling businesses. 

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Taking the Leap of Faith

Originally from Buffalo, New York but took a leap of faith 3 years ago to leave my home town and see what San Diego, California had to offer. I didn’t realize then, but that year I spent in San Diego would completely change the course of my life for the next two years.

I packed my bags and took off for a new adventure in Asia where I spent 1.5 years teaching English. It was nothing short of amazing and gave me the ability to see the world while also gaining confidence and independence living abroad.   

The Leap of Faith

Traveling abroad has taught me more skills and life lessons then I ever thought possible. I have gained forever friends, discovered and adapted to cultures different from my own, learned basic language to better communicate and encountered a passion in myself for seeing the world. 

Although I love teaching, being a virtual assistant has come more natural to me. It has sparked a drive and determination to help travel entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses continue to grow. 

I decided to put pen to paper and write about my experiences abroad.

I’ve kissed elephants, jumped with kangaroos, and watched the sunrise and set more times than I can count. I have also been bitten by a monkey, ran out of toilet paper at not-so-appropriate times and have some forever scars from my not-so-pleasant wanna-be Danica Patrick racer days.

Experiencing the ups and downs of living abroad wouldn’t have been possible without being able to teach some of the cutest kiddos in Thailand and Vietnam.

I am…

Someone who’s driven 

Someone who can get lost in a podcast while sitting with her toes deep beneath the sand

Someone who will want to snuggle your cats and dogs anytime she walks into your home before hugging you 

Someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth but will always give a listening ear

Someone who fell in love with a world different from her own and only wishes she would have sooner 

Traveling English teacher to Virtual Assistant

Since becoming a virtual assistant, I am the happiest I have been in a long time. I love being able to work remote, and take on a niche I am passionate about.   connect with travel businesses because I to want to help impact the world and show people that traveling is incredible, life changing and rewarding.  I understand what it is like to travel abroad and how to take on responsibility while living my dream life. I have gained a greater overall perspective on life since becoming a traveler. Sharing my story and continuing to help other people travel abroad, teach or be a digital nomad is exactly what I’d like to continue to do. 

On the blog ill share with you how to teach abroad, become a digital nomad and working remotely. I will also be giving you the best itineraries, guides, eateries and overall great reads in from my globe trotting adventures.

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer".


Lets talk travel, working together or a collab?!